Clusterduck is an interdisciplinary collective working at the crossroads of research, design and filmmaking, focusing on the processes and actors behind the creation of Internet related content.

Clusterduck is a germinal collective intelligence born out of the hybridization of online and real-life interactions.
Clusterduck is an attempt to mess with social engineering by means of symbolic manipulation.

Clusterduck is a bunch of badass guyz and galz who like to waste time online.
Clusterduck is the weird kid staring at you from across the virtual schoolyard.

Clusterduck is the incidental manifestation of these messed up times.
Clusterduck is contemplating the depths of Internet.

Clusterduck is working on artistic curation, visual design, filmmaking, networking and research, and openly looking for collaborators.

Clusterduck is working on various projects in different fields.

The Clusterduck team is:

Silvia Dal Dosso, the D҉̛̛ucking Director

Inside Clusterduck, Silvia is directing a documentary about digital content creators, social media dynamics and machine learning, that will also incorporate the internal curatorial research of the group. She is also curating the visual and conceptual image of the collective, and she creates and help developing the collective’s online presence for the and the websites.
Outside Clusterduck, Silvia is a Film Director, Creative Director, researcher. She wrote and directed “The 1up Fever” (2013), a mockumentary about the early usage of the Bitcoin cryptocurrency and the release of an AR based smartphone videogame inspired by the Super Mario Bros. platform game. She has also directed video commercials for Mirror and AKQA, video reportages for the Berlin based web-tv, music videoclips for the Italian music collective Pop X and others. Her work has been featured on several renowned international platforms, amongst which Canal+, Vice Magazine, GQ Magazine,, Zeit Online, Co.Exist,, Sky TV, Rai TV, La Repubbilca, and showed IRL and URL at Cineglobe Film Festival du CERN, Currents New Media Festival, Silicon Valley Science Fiction Short Film Festival,, The Unstitute, S.a.L.E Docks, Boddinale, and the Internet. She enjoys escape and indie games, surrealist and dank memes, posthuman and artificial intelligence studies, learning python and growing neural nets.

Franziska Von Guten, the Badass Internectual

Inside Clusterduck, Franziska is ceaselessly compiling a vast archive of digital and new media art forms such as net-art, digital art and post internet art. The focus of Franziska’s curation work are avant-garde currents inside of online underground groups, mostly on social media platforms. She is also helping in developing the collective’s visual identity and design, contributing with her knowledge of Internet aesthetics. She is managing social media communications on Facebook and Instagram.
Outside Clusterduck, Franziska is a Junior Art Director for the Vice motion design team of Snapchat Germany. She curated the Instagram-based art community Post.Vision together with Nicole Ruggiero. Her works have been featured on Creators Project, feltzine and Antimateria. Amongst other things, she worked as a blogger for the online lifestyle magazine BoBos and as a freelance graphic designer and social media manager for several commercial and cultural projects.
When she is bored she creates some digital collages.
She is a meme-maker and the admin of "just fresh dank memes".

Aria Mag, the Analytical Engine

Inside Clusterduck, Aria is supervising the collective’s various production efforts, selecting, collecting, processing and managing information flows, coordinating production flows, and managing the collective’s public relations. She is also co-curator of the artistic side of the project and producer for the collective’s documentary project.
Outside Clusterduck, Aria is a cyborg shaped by the teachings of Antonio Caronia, Mauro Folci and Paolo Rosa among others, an hacktivist and activist of social offline and online movements, a videographer whose work has been featured at Triennale di Milano, Fabbrica del Vapore, CRAB - Centro Ricerca Artistica Brera, Blaak 10 Gallery, Willem De Kooning Academy, Magazzini del Sale, Centro Pecci, Hangar Bicocca, and displayed on La Repubblica, Rai, Corriere della Sera and Digicult, and a curator of underground artistic events related to technologies and their use.
In her spare time she enjoys imaging and exploring other possibles worlds, which in her opinion and experience are still possible.

Tommaso Cappelletti, the Spare Time Gay

Inside Clusterduck, Tommaso is in charge of unifying the visions concerning the visual appearance, directing the design flows.
Outside Clusterduck, Tommaso is an Art Director and Digital Designer. He co-founed Nefula with Salvatore Iaconesi and Oriana Persico, the first italian studio practicing the Near Future Design metodology. He is art director of the interactive installation collective Concrete425 and he works in filmmaking, animation and post-production across Italy, Germany and America.
In his spare time he enjoys gays.

Noel Nicolaus, the Participant Observer

Inside Clusterduck, Noel is assisting and directing the general communication strategy of the collective, contributing to its conceptual framework and its theoretical research efforts. He is also involved in social media management and curation, as well as the organization of events and interdisciplinary project management.
Outside Clusterduck, Noel is enrolled as a PhD Student at Humboldt University Berlin, where he has been researching in the fields of citizenship and critical urban studies. In Berlin, he has been involved in local urban activism in groups such as Megaspree and Stadt Neudenken. Before, he worked for renowned international cultural institutions such as the Venice Biennale for Contemporary Art and the International Literature Festival Berlin. He is currently working as social media manager for the Berlin based communication agency rethink, specializing in the production of content describing the economic and social impact of global digitalization processes.
In his spare time he loves to ponder upon the ironies of history and being a flâneur.

Clusterduck collaborates with:
Doreen A. Ríos, Curator
superinternet, VR and Game Dev
peterpoe, Web Dev
Eugenio Pizzorno, Videographer
Emma Magrini, Designer
Gaia Cionnini, Painter and Copy

Our main goal at the moment is the development of a long-feature documentary about digital art and pattern recognition.

We are also in the process of building an online, open-access archive of past and present forms of digital art.

Next to this, we are constantly involved in various projects in the fields of publishing, research, activism and design, reflecting the heterogeneous skills and interests of our founding members.

We are currently looking for collaborators in the fields of data analysis, data visualization and machine learning, but please feel free to contact us for other proposals, suggestions or simply for giving us feedback on our work!

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Aitana Basquiat @aitana_basquiat
Lucas Nova @cyberpathology
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